ReturnTrucks, wheels of the future

Published on June 04, 2015 16:11:36 PM

-By Ramya Sree Patibandla

Company: ReturnTrucks

Founder: Sudhakar Vintha

Location: Vishakapatnam, AP

Team Size: 14 Members

Start-up year: December, 2013

Humans cannot live in isolation. The concept of society and kinship was conceived by the thought that one needs the other’s support for survival and society is an ideal platform for realizing the aspirations of one another. This basic thought has, over the centuries, surfaced in different fields and eventually resulted in the growth of society. This concept is still relevant and has led to a plethora of innovations over centuries. One such innovation is ReturnTrucks, launched by Sudhakar Vintha.

Here is an overview of the objectives and achievements of ReturnTrucks.

How the firm operates……

ReturnTrucks connects load and truck owners through an innovative truck and load matching platform for economic, effective and timely engagement.

The firm…

• Provides free posting of information about goods and trucks

• Enables free search of trucks and goods

• GPS truck tracking system in place

• Toll free support: 24x7

• Facilitates affordable load insurance

• Checks 156 tonnes of carbon footprint by restricting empty truck trips

The idea arose in this way….

Out of his personal experience in India on one of his trips, Sudhakar found it necessary to connect the parties concerned in the industry and saw an opportunity to build a technology platform to bind them. He brainstormed on this concept with friends, industry contacts, did elaborate market research to consolidate the business model before launching ReturnTrucks.

Modus Operandi: 

Image title


Combination of Go green concept with GPS truck tracking system

Go Green concept:

Brings about a significant reduction in carbon emission and fuel cost through real-time use of haulers and couriers, thus taking care of the ecology and showing concern for the environment.


They have formed a network of 5,700+ truck operators and 4,600+ load owners in a span of just a year, and secured some state government projects. Currently, RT manages around 750 leads and effectively connects about 250 loads every month, on a standard pricing.

Future Plans:

ReturnTrucks aims to be among the top 5 online aggregators in the logistics industry. The firm is eventually bringing in India-specific value additions such as one-click insurance and easily accessible GPS tracking solutions – Trac247 and aspires to develop a scalable model in the future.