Aliens to face more cases in Consumer Forum

Published by Y V Phani Raj on April 01, 2016 00:31:54 AM

Problems continue to brew at Aliens Station residential project as 104 fresh cases are going to be filed against the developer in the National Consumer Forum for the Rs 27 crore the Group has collected from the home buyers, Prasanth Kumar V, president of Aliens Space Station 1 Owners welfare Association, told Metro India. Several cases had been filed against the Aliens Group management in District, State and National Consumer Forums.

The State Consumer Forum has passed judgement in about 15 cases and Aliens approached the National Consumer Forum seeking to reduce the compensation and cancel the State Consumer Forum’s ruling following which the owners who received favourable ruling from the State filed execution suit. Aliens Group has been directed to make the compensation for these 15 cases by March 31. In a hearing held on March 24, Hari Challa requested to extend the date further for payment, which the judge declined and ordered to make the payment by that date.

On Thursday (March 31), Aliens paid Rs 1.4 crore out of the total compensation of Rs 4 crore while the rest is to be paid following a fresh order by the Judge by April 11. The Group is supposed to make compensation to other set of flat buyers by June this year. Sources allege charge sheet has not been filed yet by the Ramachandrapuram police though a FIR has been filed against the Aliens Group managing director Hari Challa last year.

Hundreds of investors of the Aliens Space Station-I desperately sought the banks to stop collecting equated monthly installments (EMIs) for their housing loans, since they were duped by the Aliens Group which defaulted in completing the construction. The victims had also chosen online route to attract attention of the State and Central governments and also the Reserve Bank of India to prevail upon the banks to stall the collection of EMIs from them, as they were not in a position to repay the loan installments, thanks to the default of the project developer.

The flat buyers have raised two online petitions through ‘’, claimed to be the world's largest petition platform, empowering people everywhere to create the change they want to see. The first petition has been raised by the property buyers with regard to the Aliens alleged fraud. The second petition has been raised globally, which will be shared to the Reserve Bank of India governor and the Government of India, once the expected numbers are reached.

The objective is to seek support from the Banking sector to relieve the victims of real estate from paying EMIs when the builder defaults the construction. The Aliens Group fraud could be well over Rs 300 crore affecting 1,100 home buyers. The buyers had been stuck in the project since 2006 and the developer has not been open to any resolution since June 2014. Though the construction began in 2007, the developer sold the apartments before getting approvals from concerned authorities from 2006, itself.

The construction is stalled now and the developer is threatening the customers to pay more money than agreed, in most cases over Rs 15 lakh per property. The developer is handing over few constructed apartments to owners who have agreed to pay the excess money. Ironically, in some cases, the same flat was sold to two buyers, keeping both the buyers in dark. The 2,182 apartment project though initiated in 2006-07 comprising flats, villas and duplexes has not witnessed substantial progress.

The project was promised to be completed by July 2013, considering the start of handover in 2011, but many stations are yet to take off the ground. Aliens group has conveniently moved the deadlines repeatedly from 2011 to 2015, then to 2020. And now, old customers are not being committed any time whereas the new customers are promised a date one to two years from now. The situation has led to cancellation of several hundreds of homes.