MedPlus to start online sale of medicines across the country

Published on May 01, 2015 19:37:09 PM
The e-commerce industry is a growing and profitable business. Hyderabad-based retail chain MedPus has decided to begin online sale of medicines countywide.

"We launched this service in Hyderabad last month and we are sure of replicating this success in Chennai and Bengaluru. We plan to expand the service soon to the top 50 cities across the country," stated MedPlus Health Services COO Surendra Mantena.

MedPlus presently owns 30 per cent of share in retail pharmaceutical industry. It has about 1,240 outlets across 12 states.

MedPlus plans to double the outlets in Tamil Nadu to 500 by end of this fiscal. "Tamil Nadu is a key market for us and with our new expansion outlook, we will be present across the State with more than 500 stores and intend to double our sales here this fiscal", he said.