Cruze on amazon!

Published by Metro India News Online on May 02, 2016 16:50:02 PM


Everyone can make money but can you make 6 million in just 20 minutes? Well, Jeff bezos surely did that.

On submission of the Amazon’s quarterly reports, the company’s stock price gushed through the market and even took the Wall Street expectations by surprise. It surely did report another very impressive quarter after the loss of 12 cent per share of 22.72 billion in revenue last year. The prodigious E-commerce site posted its fourth straight profit, making the earnings to $1.07 a share on $29.13 billion in revenue. Thomson Reuters’ consensus estimated analysis expected the earnings to be 58 cents a share on $27.98 billion.

For the second quarter, Amazon expects net sales of $28 billion to $30.5 billion, which would mark 21 to 32 percent growth from the previous year.

As, Amazons stock traded near $660 and added 6 million to CEO Jeff Bezos. The wealth made him surpass, Carlos Slim, Mexico's telecommunications tycoon, as the fourth-richest person in the world.

Amazon: The HOT stock

When Amazon’s share first went public in 1997 it was priced for just $18 per share. From the humble and low key beginning, the company has surely hiked its way up to six hundred and sixty dollars.

Seeing the progress and now the opening of the fourth quarter has shut the company watchers who question the company’s ability to maintain its profits to keep quiet.

Amazon is considered as the hottest stock in the market for investing. We surely can believe it as we see how Bezozs surpassed another millionaire.

GOOGLE better be ready!

With Amazon being at par with Microsoft and dominating Google over its potential cloud business. Goggle better be concerned with its performance as Amazon continues being the “Brobdingnagian E commerce star”