SKS raises Rs 538 cr

Published by Metro India News on March 20, 2016 00:33:36 AM
SKS Microfinance

SKS Microfinance has raised Rs 538.11 crore through a securitisation deal, the seventh such transaction in 2015-16. In a BSE filing on Saturday, SKS said it has “completed seventh securitisation transaction during 2015-16 for a pool value of Rs 538.11 crore.”

With this transaction, the total sum of securitisation completed during the current fiscal (year-to-date) is Rs 2,319.93 crore, it said. The entire pool qualifies for priority treatment as per the Reserve Bank of India’s priority sector lending guidelines.

“The pool has been rated AA (SO) by a leading rating agency, signifying a high degree of safety regarding timely servicing of financial obligations. Such instruments carry a very low credit risk,” it added.