Different shirt every day

Published by Metro India News on September 23, 2016 00:06:59 AM

By Sindhur Gollanapalli

Today's fast paced techie life though it fits us in lucrative jobs, is leaving us without much time to focus on our attire. Every guy wants to wear a different shirt every day to look impressive. On the other hand every one finds it tough to make time to shop for hours long and empty the pockets. In this scenario it might be a fantasy to wear a different shirt every day.

Three technocrats who earned experience in the field of supply chain management, inventory planning and marketing worked towards creating opportunity out of this fantasy of many youth. OhLook.in is world’s first and only subscription-based fashion rental service for men that lets them wear a different shirt every single day, all from the top brands and latest fashion trends. OhLook was co-founded by Arshad Azad, Armaan and Veera started their career at a young age thus bringing a combined experience of over 23 years in diverse fields to the table.

“Our guarantee is that an OhLook customer would never wear the same shirt twice ever. Additionally, with OhLook, men need not waste time over shopping, washing, ironing or even deciding what to wear each day,” the trio told Metro India. Arshad said that the service is offered at a price of just 2,500 per month, which is probably lesser than what one would spend on buying a single branded shirt. Explaining the procedure of allocating shirts to the customers, Veera said, “Keeping customer retention as key principle, we have built a machine-learning based technology using the expertise of multiple stylists, which understands what shirts would look good on which customers, based on their personality and style preferences. It then auto picks suitable shirts for each customer”.

Elucidating their marketing success, Armaan said, “Immediately, post our beta launch in Hyderabad, OhLook had created a buzz in the IT companies. Within weeks, our likes on Facebook page reached a whopping 9,500 and our orders reached 250. All of this was achieved without even spending a single penny on marketing. This feat put us on the cover of one of India’s Leading Lifestyle Magazine among the 6 Hottest Startups to look out for in 2016”.

The Trio recently graduated from a European Accelerator, where they raised a seed funding of $30,000 in cash and kind for their impressive startup. These budding entrepreneurs are planning to launch on-demand premium, ethnic and party wear service from November 2016. They said, “We aim to reach 3,500 monthly regular customers and expand our services to Bangalore, by the first anniversary of OhLook. Our vision is to be present in all major IT dominated cities and become a one-point stop for all of man’s fashion and grooming needs”.