Trade relies on astrologers!

Published by Metro India News on September 30, 2016 00:07:09 AM, one of the most trusted and reliable astrological portal, is India's number one and world's number three. The recent rise in the number of calls from businessmen and entrepreneurs is one a reaffirmation of the quality of its services.

According to the data, in April 2016, the calls by businessmen and entrepreneurs were 30,000, while in April 2015 the number was 27,500. This is an increase of 9.09 per cent. In May 2016, the number was 31,000 in comparison with 28,300 calls in May 2015. This increase is 9.54 per cent. While in June 2016, 33,000 calls were made as compared to 29,900 calls made in June 2015. Hence, it can be concluded that calls from people, especially businessmen and entrepreneurs, are increasing and so is their trust on Also business houses are relying on astrological solutions provided by website.