Auto drivers face hassle in vehicle purchase

Published on April 01, 2015 17:25:00 PM
Auto rickshaw drivers in Hyderabad are now-a-days facing problems in buying auto rickshaw due to linkage of Aadhaar card in the process.
The whole process initiated by the government for purchase of auto rickshaws is confusing to drivers. Despite of release of the Order (Go) 14 by Telangana government to make the process hassle free, the auto rickshaw drivers continue to face problems because of the hostile behaviour of transport department officials.

The auto drivers complain that even after having all the required documents like their license and Aadhaar card, the officers are rejecting their applications for small issues like non-matching of date of births.

However, a concerned officer has said that this issue will be solved as soon as possible by taking it to the notice of the transportation commissioner.  
Following release of Go 90 by the Telangana government, many auto drivers have applied for buying autos on which their livelihood would depend, but delay by the banks in sanctioning their loans has made the whole process a waste and led them to take on to protest, the auto rickshaw union people stated.