8 gates of LMD lifted

Published by Metro India News on October 01, 2016 00:14:34 AM

As the water inflows exceeded the Full Reservoir Level (FRL) of 920 feet on Friday, Irrigation officials lifted eight gates of Lower Maneir Dam and released water to the Kakatiya Canal and other canals. The water level reached 24 tmc and about 16,000 cusecs of water was released from Lower Maneir Dam to canals and 2,000 cusecs to Kakatiya Canal. The inflow of water into the dam was 16,000 cusecs, while the outflow was 18,000 cusecs.

In fact, the officials tried to lift the gates on Thursday night itself, but they could not do so owing to power problem. Worried over the electricity issue, they arranged power generators in the meantime. However, the power supply was restored by Friday morning and the officials released the water. It was the second time the gates were opened in the last four days. Meanwhile, the dam site was abuzz with visitors.