Cong flays govt on Yellamapally

Published by Metro India News on October 01, 2016 00:15:06 AM

Stating that Yellampally project was the 'heart' of north Telangana region, TPCC chief N Uttam Kumar Reddy said that the Congress government had almost completed the project out of foresight by spending Rs 2,300 crore. But the TRS government was not completing the project by spending Rs 400 crore out of fear that the Congress might get the credit for the project. In a chat with media persons at Gandhi Bhavan here on Friday, Uttam alleged that the TRS government kept the Yellampally project aside and was spending crores of rupees in the name of Kaleswaram project.

The TRS government was adopting a ‘negative’ attitude towards the pending projects taken up by the previous Congress government and hence the Congress leaders decided to visit them. The TRS government failed to fulfil the assurances, particularly loan waiver scheme, made to farmers during the elections and also failed to deposit the second phase loan waiver amount in the bank accounts of farmers, he alleged.

He said the TPCC would appoint PCC joint secretaries and secretaries within five days. He said a committee would be appointed along with PCC vice-presidents T Nagaiah, Mallu Ravi and Kumar Rao and general secretaries Mahesh Kumar Goud and Premlal. He said he would take the proposals of the leaders into consideration and take a final decision in this regard. He said nearly 40 secretaries would be appointed for the TPCC.

Cong rebuts TRS charges

Meawhile, the Karimnagar District Congress has refuted the charges made by TRS leaders and said they did not have the moral right to criticise the Congress as the government failed to use the water of Sripada Yellampalli project properly. DCC president Katakam Mrithyunjayam told reporters here on Friday that the Sripada project had come to the finishing stage when Congress was in power and water was also released to NTPC.

The Congress government had completed the pipeline works to Hyderabad and irrigation water was provided even to Manthani, he said and alleged that the TRS government failed to provide water to Narayanpur tank even after two years of its rule. “Because of the failure of the government to complete the construction of pump houses, Godavari water went waste into the sea,” he lamented.

Referring to Mid Maneir project, the Congress leader asked the government why it handed over the project works as per 60 C without calling for tenders after changing the contractors. “Under whose interests the Chief Minister announced re-tenders after abolishing the existing contract?” he questioned.

Mrithyunjayam said that standing crops in 300 acres were submerged in the flood water due to the breach to Mid Maneir reservoir and many fields were damaged due to accumulation of mud and sand. “It happened because of the Chief Minister’s failure to foresee the calamity. In turn, the government was resorting to mud-slinging on the Congress for their failures,” he said and demanded that the TRS government own the responsibility for the flood damage.