Female staff harassed and journalist beaten in Hyderabad

Published on April 08, 2015 20:05:17 PM
Telangana Journalist from the City visited Vedant International School, located at Apuroopa Colony, Jeedimetla on Wednesday along with two female staff who were mentally harassed by the Management. While finding facts to file a report on the issue, the School's Director arranged for one or two people who misbehave and manhandled with the Journalist and the female teachers.

In spite of revealing the Press Identity, the hooligans still misbehaved and threatened the journalist.

The issue faced by teachers is, General Manager of the School have downloaded their personal photographs from elsewhere and stored in his personal system. The General Manager is a expert in graphics and designing, he can easily midsize the photographs of the female teachers and so, the teacher raised their voice, but all of them were threatened and abused, mentally harassed and tortured to write resignations, and are not paid at all for the work they have done so far.

Information said by Victims, sources and witnesses.