Healthy contest to benefit TS

Published on May 09, 2015 01:42:51 AM
Competition between Ministers T Harish Rao and KT Rama Rao has intensified as both stepped up their efforts to rise in popularity levels in the State by taking up their respective missions in all earnest.
While Harish Rao, heading the Irrigation portfolio, has put serious efforts in making Mission Kakatiya a success, Information Technology and Panchayat Raj Minister KT Rama Rao stepped up his canvassing for investments in the State.

The healthy competition has been helping the State to make gains in irrigation and IT areas and is expected to improve the image of the government in these areas. Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao’s son KT Rama Rao and nephew Harish Rao are helping the Chief Minister to realise his dreams of Golden Telangana. Both are blessed by the Chief Minister and encouraged to compete with each other.

Ruling party members claim that though the competition appears to be fair in the open, it does have a political tinge. Both ministers did not want to lag behind in popularity levels in the State to keep their advantages intact in the event of a political change, the party members said. Irrigation minister T Harish Rao has taken Mission Kakatiya works quite seriously and is pulling all the stops to make it a success. Fortunately, the programme received the acceptance of the people and is being implemented in mission mode.

Public representatives, officials, common people, non-resident Indians and others joined the programme.
Harish Rao has involved in the programme and is monitoring its progress on a daily basis to make it a grand success. He is taking special care to ensure that the programme did not come under criticism for corruption, incompetence and red tapism. KT Rama Rao has taken up bringing investment to the State as a personal agenda and has been sparing no effort in this endeavor.

His ongoing visit to the US and earlier visits to Dubai and other countries are aimed at bringing massive investments to the State. Apart from giving a push to investor-friendly activities in the State, KTR is keen on bringing big ticket firms to the State. The minister is said to be under pressure as the prestigious programme, Telangana Drinking Water Supply Scheme (Water Grid), to be taken up by the Panchayat Raj Department, is yet to begin.

The Rs 25,000-crore project is yet to overcome hurdles. It has also come under criticism from political parties. This has prompted KTR to concentrate on IT sector and is striving to convince internationally renowned companies to come to Hyderabad.