Ask not what the country did for you; ask what you did for your country John F. Kennedy

This philosophy applies to every person in the world. Before we start pointing fingers that he/she is not perfect, the government is corrupt, politicians are spoiling our country etc…let us hold the torch of TRUE SWACHHTA, in our hands and take a closer look at ourselves .


After the supposed Apocalypse of 2012, the most hyped word in India is SWACHH! Swachh Bharat, Swachh Telangana, Swachh Karam, Swachh roads, and so on. The whole country is busy with their Selfie sticks and brooms in hand, singing great songs of Swachh, waiting for the Swachh perfect pictures to be splashed all over media, it became the moment of the day to simply be a part of a movement started in all honesty by our honourable Prime Minister NarendraModi and taken up diligently by our Chief Minister Shri KCR.

So in all true sense how do we extend our support to this dynamic and most important cause? What does Swachh mean to you?

Last year in January 2015, Metro India Newspaper put forth this question to 3.5 lakh graduate students of Telangana, through an Essay writing competition, and we received an over whelming 1.8lakh Essays We sorted them out and picked the top, most relevant and wonderfully written Essays by 25 students and awarded their efforts with a strapping cash prize of Rs1 Lakh each.

The gist of the entire student body was the same – true Swachhta lies not in the blaming the municipality or politicians, true Swachh is not in finding fault with your neighbours, you are truly a soldier of Swachhta if you are true and positive from within. Clean up the negative insides of yourself and promote a truly Swachhsoch, and Swachh City!

I AM SWACHH (for my City & from within) – is a pledge born out of this Concept.

We are taking this campaign forward into the people. For two whole months Metro India will send the Swachh Ribbon (10,000 meters in length) across Hyderabad (GHMC) area to almost a million people! We invite everyone to sign and be a part of this campaign. Take the pledge, sign the Swachh Ribbon and be an active member of this community – Right here!

Write down your complaints, ideas and experiences from a good deed done by you and your friends to burning issues which will change the shape of the city! We are giving you the platform to raise your voice and speak out!


In 150 words write about your SWACHH ideas, Complaints or points of view under the below categories The best ideas or well written, important articles will be published online, on our fb page and in our Newspaper.


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