Youth clean up campus premises

Published on April 04, 2015 12:39:39 PM
A group of city college students have under taken a mission to change the society, when their peers are idling away time in hostels. Pained by the sight of mounting piles of garbage in their campus, these youngsters have gone to an an extreme step considered  impossible- to clean up  their campus and go  for  a green drive.
Meet Ajay Kumar Koli Koli, who is about to  complete his PhD in Management Studies soon, from University of Hyderabad.

In 2013, a group of people led by Koli,launched the Free Service group.Their first task was to collect donations for the Uttarakhand flood victims.

To  their surprise they were able to collect Rs. 44,000 and handed over it  to the university for the Prime Minister’s Relief Fund.
Koli thanked the generous contribution given by the university students and faculty for their initiative.
Their Facebook page that also became active around that time also had many followers.
Then Koli and his team turned to the issue of  greening the campus to give the barren campus a facelift, especially during the summers.
They transported 12 tractors of fertile soil to make a beautiful green lawn near the food court popularly called –Gops.

He said, he got enough encouragement from the then Vice Chancellor of UoH Ram Ramaswami.
The university had provided enough financial resources and to ensure transparency Koli had put  up all the bills on Facebook.
They also put garbage bins across the university campus made of  steel  tins. He said, this  initiative received  enormous support from the students as they were facing the problems created due to  lack  of waste disposing mechanism in the campus.
 Koli recalled that the students were not  able  to rise from their comfort zones and preferred to  engage in online activism rather than dirtying their hands by cleaning the campus premises.
The group also painted speed breakers in the campus to  create traffic awareness among the students.
"Our mission is to make the campus a better place to live,” Koli said.