Tread the path of truth

Published by Metro India News on September 04, 2016 00:21:21 AM

In our scriptures, the object of human pursuit is considered as the source of happiness. These are — wealth, righteousness, desire and salvation.

Our sages and monks have given us the knowledge of Vedas and God through scriptures. We see that a monk sitting under a tree thinks only about God. The pleasure of all emperors of the world put together cannot match the bliss he receives in the sadhana

The first three are sources of pleasure and the fourth is self liberation. Pusharth means the purpose of the man. For the accomplishment of this purpose, the man always strives to avoid sufferings and desires bliss. This tendency is also observed in animals and birds. Today, human beings are following the same tendency. Mainly those things that our heart and senses like, we try to get them and this tendency drags us towards sin.

Seeing the harmful consequences of this tendency, some sages believe controlling it would do them good. That’s why these two tendencies are called Asur and Deva. Asur means the life and soul of the demon in the senses. On the other hand, the virtue of temperance that leads us to good deeds is called Dev. And the same battle between Asur and Deva (Devasur) continues in the heart of every person. These two mutually conflicting trends in our mythology are shown as the battle of Devasur.

In Upanishads, our body is likened to the chariot. It is stated: the soul resides in body, while body is the chariot, intellect is charioteer, mind is rein, and senses are the horses. According to this metaphor – If the charioteer, who holds the reins of the horses, is careful, prevents decadence. While the foolhardy charioteer falls, his senses drive him to destruction. And the person who wants to protect himself from the falls and faces battle within himself.

While habits (sanskar) and malice try to master him, the guidance of the Guru and the scriptures encourage him to avoid these bad habits. In fact, man gains and loses the three tendencies - Sattva (purity and knowledge), Raja (action and passion) and Tama (ignorance and inertia); these keep coming and going in the man. Tamogun and Rajogun mislead the man while the Sattvagun pulls him out of beastly feelings. Thus the man gives priority to materialism and spiritualism becomes secondary for him.

Therefore, Asura is called elder brother and Dev - younger brother. Today, India is facing the same struggle. Strong whirlwind of modernity is affecting their thinking, ideas and lifestyle. Some people feel ashamed about their religion and culture and they have forgotten its dignity. But this is not new. Ever since the mankind is born, the conflict has been going on. Once upon a time, India used to be the leader (guru) of the world. Prolonged slavery and bad education have made it weak.

But do not be disappointed. The divine power of the universe — the Gods and Goddessess still protect us. Our sages and monks have given us the knowledge of Vedas and God through scriptures. We see that a monk sitting under a tree thinks only about God. The pleasure of all emperors of the world put together cannot match the bliss he receives in the sadhana. There is a prayer in the Vedas — guide me towards truth from falsity. Take me towards light from darkness.

Take me to eternity from death. This means—O God! This brutish tendency is untruth. Guide us from ignorance regarding God's book and the light of truth. Ignorance is similar to death. Save us from it and lead us to knowledge of truth. Ishawasyopanisd says – By karma one can avoid death and achieve eternity through worship. Kamwad, Kamachar, and Kambhakshya are death. Uncontrolled speech, arbitrary conduct and uncontrolled food habits are death.

The scripture-controlled eating and speaking, and conduct are similar to elixir. Today, we pray that the above mentioned prayers of Vedas become our prayers and our life progresses on the bright path of truth. And for that we should strive. One can only receive true knowledge of means and ends by the grace of God. Infact, realisation of ends is the goal of our life. What could be the other means of realisation? The knowledge one can gain by the grace of God and through the guru.

Since his birth man has tendency of good and bad manners. The type of company one keeps influence his habits. Therefore, one should always try to avoid the company of untruth and must first ascertain and analyse the company he is having whether it will lead him towards truth or not. There is one couplet of Goswami Tulsidas: Mati Kirti bhurti bhalai, jab jehin jatan jahan koi pai So janab satsang prabhau, lokhun bed na aan upau

Wherever people diligently achieve wisdom, glory, salvation, vibhuti (Aishwarya) and goodness, one should understand the impact of satsang. In the Vedas there is no other ways to achieve them. And this is essence of the journey from untruth to truth.