Explosion stuns Rio crowd

Published by Metro India News on August 07, 2016 00:21:21 AM

Rio de Janeiro: A bomb squad is investigating after an apparent blast shook the area near the finish line of the men’s cycling road race. Reporters nearby could hear a loud boom on the press tribune and felt the ground shake as the cyclists had about 70 km to go on Saturday. A half dozen military police were cordoning off the area. No one was immediately evacuated, and it did not appear that anyone was injured. The race was continuing and had not been rerouted.

However, witnesses said Brazilian military carried out a ‘controlled explosion’ near the Copacabana finish line of Rio Olympics men’s road cycling race. Military bomb disposal experts were at the scene of the explosion and kept crowds away with police. The explosion stunned crowds gathering for the end of the race. The race leaders were about 100 km (60 miles) away at the time.