It's time for expressing solidarity with our Army

Published by Metro India News on October 08, 2016 00:13:13 AM

They are serving the country and the need of the hour is to express solidarity with our army and not suspect their credentials, which might affect their morale, says the writer A Jagan Mohan Reddy

“We don't need unity, in theory, we need solidarity in practice.”

-- Anonymous

Director General of military operation Lt Gen Ranbir Singh and Ministry of External Affairs Spokesperson Vikas Swarup addressed a joint press conference on 29th September 2016 on India conducting surgical strikes across the Line of Control (LoC). Earlier in the morning, PM Narendra Modi chaired a meeting of the Cabinet Committee on Security. The entire nation was delirious with joy, except a few.

Soon after this, there were demands from some quarters for Pakistani actors to leave and cricket board to suspend playing cricket matches with Pakistan etc., In response Karan Johar wanted to know if asking Fawad Khan to go back to Pakistan will stop terror and Salman Khan said Pakistan artists are not terrorists. Mahesh Bhatt joined the chorus by saying “stop terrorism, not talks” implying that we must continue to talk to Pakistan.

What’s the issue?

The cricket board will continue to play matches with Pakistan and certain business houses will continue to do business with Pakistan. And somebody might ask as to whether sending Pakistani artists back, stopping cricket and business with Pakistan actually end terror from Pakistan? No, definitely not. But there is an emotion called solidarity. You cannot make films, play cricket and do business as if everything is fine. The soldier who is fighting for the nation might wonder aloud, “Why should I alone bear the weight of conflict?”

Let’s not forget one thing that this conflict between India and Pakistan is not the soldier’s personal war. He is dying and killing for you and me. Imagine if a soldier walks up to his superior and says, “Sir, while I am dying on the Line of Control, these people are going about as if everything is absolutely fine between the two countries.”And why he alone should sacrifice for India when others were making merry?

Solidarity is need of the hour

The United States boycotted the Moscow Olympics in 1980, and the Russians did likewise when they boycotted the Los Angeles Olympics in 1984. This is what happens when the national interest is held paramount and this is what must happen now in India. But what’s happening? In a televised speech another day, Kejriwal had "saluted" PM Modi for ordering the surgical strike but also, referring to some international media reports, asked the Prime Minister to "unmask the Pakistani propaganda".

Social activist Anna Hazare expressed disagreement with his one-time protégé saying it is not right to ask for proof of surgical strikes by the army on terror camps in PoK. “It is unfair to ask for proof of surgical strikes. I condemn this. The matter is related to the army, country and the border. At this time, it is wrong to mistrust (the army). There was a lot of planning done for the operation. In a such a case, how can we mistrust people,” Hazare said.

Veteran actor Om Puri made an insensitive remark, during a TV show when he said, “Who had asked the soldiers to join the army? Who told them to pick the weapons?” which, as expected, didn’t go down well with many on social media. Known for making controversial statements, Congress leader Sanjay Nirupam questioned the authenticity of the government’s claim of carrying out surgical strikes against terror launch pads along the line of control in Pakistan.

It’s a different thing that Congress immediately disowned Nirupam’s statement. And last but not the least, at a time when all political parties should be backing the Indian army, the JD(U) has joined AAP and Congress, demanding a ‘proof’ of the surgical strikes carried out by the Army. Speaking exclusively to Times Now, JD (U) spokesperson Ajay Alok called the press conference by the DGMO after the surgical strikes were carried out a "political decision", and said that it is important to release the video as it will have a cascading effect on the moral of Pakistani forces and the Pakistani people.

In the late 1950s, there were orders that no Naga would be dressed in khaki and would carry a weapon. One day, in the early morning mist on NCO-led patrol came across a Naga in khaki with what looked like a weapon (it was a staff). When challenged, he panicked and ran and the patrol opened fire killing him. It so happened, his daughter worked in the PMO and in the rumpus that followed, the PM demanded the battalion be disbanded.

The Army Chief, General Thimmaya, refused to comply and stood by his battalion and his NCO. They are serving the country and the need of the hour is to express solidarity with our army and not suspect their credentials, which might affect their morale. In order to have a prosperous society, it is very important to load ourselves with a sense of responsibility. Everyone has to contribute to his society positively, and uplift it to the climax.

We at present are facing problems from different dimensions and need to behave in a responsible manner. Let’s not do anything that might endanger our security & peace. My passionate appeal to one and all is that “Sacrifice one for the sake of family; Give up a family for the sake of the Nation and even the Nation to uphold Dharma”. Sarve Jana Sukhino Bhavantu

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