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'BJP alliance with PDP opportunistic'

Published on March 10, 2015 05:30:30 AM
Hyderabad: Nizamabad MP K Kavitha on Friday said that BJP trying to align with PDP was against the spirit of resolution adopted by the Parliament in 1994 which said Kashmir is an integral part of India. The MP was speaking at a meeting organised by the Jammu Kashmir Study Center, Hyderabad Chapter to recall the historic unanimous resolution of Parliament on J&K. The TRS MP asked as to how the BJP would tie-up with a party (PDP) which was ideologically of the opposite view. 

"The BJP before getting elected said Kashmiri Pundits will be relocated and also solve the Kashmir issue. Elections are over and they see a chance to form government in Kashmir. Now they want to have a tie-up with PDP,” she said. She said, "PDP is a party continuously talking of self-rule and self-rule in anyway will not comply with the resolution that was passed by the Indian parliament in 1994. How can BJP, as a ruling party at the Centre, try to have a tie-up with PDP,” questioned Kavitha.

The Nizamabad MP claimed that BJP and PDP have reached a conclusion on 11-point agenda which talks about BJP keeping quiet on Article-370, keeping silent on Armed Forces Special Powers and many others things. "This will not help Kashmir in anyway and relocating the Kashmiri Pundits. Will it help? I don’t think so. You want to have a tie-up with PDP. If you do not want to bring normalcy in Kashmir, how are you going to relocate Kashmiri Pundits,” she asked. 

She alleged that the BJP was taking a U-turn on the Kashmir issue and said, "Are we throwing Kashmiris into danger/trouble just for trying to get power in the valley. We all supported Narendra Modi, but for the sake of getting one more state into his kitty will he push the Kashmiris into danger?” Stating that the international community was sympathetic towards Pakistan going by its shape and its lobbying, Kavitha stressed on the need for the country’s politicians and diplomats to engage in serious terms with the international community. 

"We were continuously trouble shooting in the last minute. Particularly because of the efforts of Kashmiri Pundits, UK’s voice has change. Earlier, they used to say Kashmir is an international issue, now they say it is a bilateral one.