Man shot while filming Facebook Live

Published by Metro India News Online on June 18, 2016 13:43:43 PM
Facebook Live

In Chicago, a 28-year-old man was filming some light moments for Facebook Live when he was gunned down, a media report said.

Antonia Perkins, father of three, was live-streaming a video on the social media website when the shooting occurred.

Perkins was fatally shot in the neck, following which he was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. He is also a documented gang member and according to the police, the shooting was gang-related.

Perkin’s father, however, said that his son was no longer involved in the gangs and has been working at McDonalds for the past few years to support his family.

"My son was doing good. He wasn't involved in anything,” Perkins’ father said. “He was going to work and taking care of his children.”

This is the second incident to occur in Chicago where a person was shot while filming a Facebook Live video. Previously, a 31-year-old was shot while making a Live video.

The video has been viewed by over half a million and shared over 18,000 times.