Shah predicts BJP government in TS

Published by Metro India News on September 18, 2016 00:55:55 AM

2019 elections

Warangal: The BJP public meeting at Hanmakonda on Saturday focused entirely on the TRS Government and Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao for failing to celebrate the Telangana Liberation Day succumbing to the pressures from the Majlis party and to appease the minority community.

All the speakers were confident that the BJP would come to power in the 2019 elections as all other parties in the State were already relegated to a naught while the TRS will soon fade out of the public view because of its anti-people stance. They all felt that the TRS Government, particularly Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao (KCR), is adopting the policy to appease the Majlis. The meeting culminated a month-long Tirang Yatra organised by the party in various parts of the State to celebrate the Liberation Day of Telangana.

BJP national president Amit Shah, who was the chief guest for the meeting, gave a clarion call to the people of Telangana to strengthen the hands of Prime Minister Narendra Modi by bringing the party to power in the State in the 2019 elections. Addressing the massive gathering at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium in Hanmakonda- the heartland of the armed struggle to chase out the Nizam of Hyderabad from the territory - to mark the celebrations of the Telangana Liberation Day, the BJP president expressed the hope that the party will ascend the gaddi in 2019.

Coming down heavily on KCR for succumbing to Majlis and party leaders Owasis, the BJP president said that the BJP would teach a lesson to these Owasis in the 2019 polls. "We will decide the fate of Owaisis in the next elections," he added.

He said that KCR has miserably failed to rise upto the expectations of the people of the State and the funds released by the Centre have not reached the targeted sections. The BJP Government at the Centre has released funds for various developmental projects, he said and asked where these funds have gone.

Listing out the projects and schemes for which the Centre has released the funds he said that the farming community, the Adivasis and the youth, all did not get the benefits. "I can tell you where these funds have gone. They have gone into the pockets of the MLAs who have joined the TRS from TDP, the Congress and other parties," he said in an oblique reference that KCR had utilised these funds to purchase these MLAs.

He asked the Chief Minister what had happened to the loan waiver scheme that he had promised during electioneering and about the input subsidy that the Centre has given to the farming community. "How long can you take the farmers for a ride," he asked.

Shah, who began his speech by saluting the land of the struggles and the freedom fighters whom he felicitated earlier, recalled the sacrifices made by several great leaders due to which Telangana was freed from the clutches of the tyrannical regime of the Nizam.

Greeting Prime Minister Narendra Modi from the dais on his 66th birthday, the BJP president said this day is being celebrated as 'Seva Diwas' by the whole nation. Recalling how the then Hyderabad state, Marathwada and Bidar dynasties were freed after the great Sardar Vallabhbhai Bhai Patel descended on this historic land, Amit Shah said that the India Army then chased out the Razakars. Finally the Nizam acceded this Telangana into the Indian Union.

"I ask KCR as to why he is not celebrating the sacrifices made by these great men and thousands of those who died in the armed struggle," Shah said. "Are you scared of anyone? Do you fear Owaisis," he asked and said that KCR can not rule the State with this fear and the BJP will teach a fitting lesson to these Owaisis in the next elections.

Stating that it is not these Owaisis who made KCR as the Chief Minister but the four crore people's support that made him to sit on the seat, the BJP president said that when his party comes to power it will hold the Liberation Day on a large scale. Still, the party will not rest and will hold celebrations every year, he added.

Calling All India Congress Committee (AICC) vice president as Rahul Baba, the BJP president utilised the dais to reply to him on Kashmir tangle. "We are now giving a suitable reply to the Pakistan and those who are resorting to indiscriminate shooting in Kashmir," Amit Shah said.

Pointing out the remarks made by another senior Congress leader Ghulam Nabi Azad, the BJP president aid that "Manmohan was simply reading out the English draft copies given to him and used to come back to Delhi. Even while exercising this simple duty he was erring as reading out the speeches meant for Manila at Thailand and vice versa."