3 reasons why BREXIT is NOT CERTAIN YET

Published by Metro India News Online on June 29, 2016 21:25:25 PM

Well, despite the public vote over the "Leave" or "stay" of Britain with the European Union. It not very certain yet that Britain will exit. Here are the following reasons for it

  • Most people who have voted for “leave” (Which of course if the majority) said that their main reason for doing so was the promise of tighter immigrating rules. However it is not possible for Britain to completely or rather strictly do so.
  • The only way for Brexit to happen is by triggering the Article 50 of Lisbon treaty of the UK constitution. After the public vote, David camera was supposed to do the job. However with his stepping down from the post, it will still take a lot of time for elections to take place and the new leader to start the negotiating process which is likely to take 2 years. (To set the future relationship with EU members) Also after a leader has taken the following decision, he has to make sure that all the demands promised for the #voteleave campaign are met. Most of these promises have now evaporated into thin air as the referendum is now over. This puts the leader to be a hard position.
  • One of the other promises over @voteLeave was to divert funds of £350 million to National Health Service and such funds.

Most lawmakers are against the decision of leaving the European Union.