Part-time politics for PK?

Published by Metro India News on September 30, 2016 00:14:14 AM
Pawan Kalyan

PRK Prasad :

'Power Star' for his fans and a part-time politician for the public, Pawan Kalyan has again proved himself to be a freelancer in politics rather than a full-time professional. After a prolonged seclusion, Pawan Kalyan emerged exactly a month ago in the world famous temple town of Tirupati. Amid high voltage, he has announced at a public meeting his three-phased agitation, a perfect roadmap, for achieving special category status for Andhra Pradesh.

As promised he did complete his first phase by addressing a public meeting at Kakinada on September 9, where the BJP had passed a resolution favouring bifurcation of the united Andhra Pradesh in 1998. Though his critics carped, he finally did hit the streets on September 9. But now the die is cast. Both the Centre and the State governments have made it amply clear that the status, for which Pawan Kalyan has been clamoring, is certainly not forthcoming.

In fact, a couple of days before the "Power Star' made an outburst from the Coastal town of Kakinada lambasting the Centre and the Congress, which was then in power when the State was bifurcated, Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitely announced a 'special package' in lieu of the special category status. For reasons best known only to him, Pawan Kalyan even did not make a mention of this during his 'stage performance' at Kakinada.

With the wind now being clear that the special category status is only a far cry, what will be his next course of action, rather the second phase of his three-pronged agitational programme. The problem with Pawan is that he is a paratrooper withe no force and thus there is none to clarity on what is his next course of action. But as he has said he is certainly active in movies. He said at Tirupati meeting that "I will ride on two horses, politics and movies simultaneously.

Politics to achieve special category status for the State and movies for money," he said. He is keeping his word as far as his call-sheets are concerned, but not on politics which is a 24-hour vocation. The people and the leaders as well, began asking questions on his whereabouts. When the entire State is on the boil demanding the status Pawan has gone underground. Though his two public meetings, Tirupati and later Kakinada, raised some hopes among his fans and the common public that he 'might be' a changed man, but he proved his fans wrong.

During the whole one year last year, he addressed only a single press meet when the lands were being pooled in Amaravati for construction of the new capital for Andhra Pradesh. Later, he visited the area to meet the aggrieved farmers followed by a meeting with Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu. Then he went into hibernation. Even when voices were raised and there were strong protests over the manner in which a multi-crop land was being converted into a concrete jungle, he stayed out of it.

When the leaders of the YSR Congress and the Congress took to streets for special category status, he chose not to lend support. It also did not matter to him when several persons died in a stampede in the Godavari Pushkarams and later a hue was raised on the demands for an audit into the construction expenditure for Amaravati. He suddenly emerged and addressed a public meeting, a programme that is organised at whose behest still remains a suspense.

The question still remains unanswered is who exactly is directing Pawan Kalyan for his political appearance. At his both public meetings, at Tirupati and Kakinada, he did not attack Chandrababu Naidu by name, leaving everyone shocked. However, for the crowds that gather for his meetings, it was full of entertainment, political and otherwise too. With both his fans and the people sitting with the fingers crossed for his next public appearance, political pundits, however, are still hopeful that he will not remain a ‘hit-and-run' politician.

High drama at Pawan residence

In dramatic turn of events and high drama, Jubilee Hills police have arrested a middle aged women Jyothi ,who came to see cine hero turned politician Pawan Kalyan at his Prashanthi Nagar residence on Wednesday night. According to police the lady was seen moving suspiciously in the area for the last four days and finally, on Wednesday night approached security personnel to allow her to meet the hero. And when the security personnel told her that Pawan Kalyan is not available the lady went into verbal dual and refused to leave the place and sat on dharna.

The lady even went on to say that she wants to marry Pawan Kalyan. With the marriage issue, staff there got a doubt on her mental condition and informed Jubilee Hills police. Cops who swung into action, convinced her and took her to the police station. They are inquiring about her whereabouts and family members. On the other side, Pawan Kalyan is shooting for his Katamarayuda in the city.