Purity will always win

Published by Metro India News on November 11, 2015 01:49:49 AM
Libby Benjamin

Libby Benjamin, President, Telangana Malayalam Association, What better occasion or better way to celebrate life than this joyous occasion of lights.

There is one word which may serve as a rule for all one’s life – reciprocity - Ravikumar Jayaraman

Through the ages, light has been an indisputable source of joy and happiness. Man walked out of the dark ages with the discovery of fire. The eternal fire of knowledge and positivity built a foundation for mankind helping him differentiate good from bad, dark from light and positive from negative. Society has grown under this great torch of Swachh Soch. The eternal good which is present in every man fights all that is bad; and always, forever purity will win over everything else.

A message of goodwill and a call to humanity: Carry this eternal flame of purity and faith in your heart. Nobody is worth compromising your values. What you are is how god made you, and how you have shaped yourself to be. Let the glow of confidence destroy insecurity. Let the flames of truth wipe out negativity. Let warmth and purity dispel poverty, animosity and enmity. After all we share one planet, one life and the same elements of nature.