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Brushing to get cooler with T.brush

Published by Metro India News Online on July 03, 2015 15:42:42 PM

Dental care is very important for our health, but we often tend to ignore it.

However, project creator Ryan Donaghy is making your toothbrush better and cooler by introducing significant improvements in the electric toothbrush. 

The new toothbrush called T.brush features a travel case which makes it easy to carry while travelling.

From a functionality point of view, the T.brush sports a smaller, lighter lithium-polymer battery, which increases the device's life by about 70 per cent and makes it lighte, compared to other electric toothbrush models.

It is also believed to charge three times faster than other electric toothbrushes. This feature will also help save money in the long run.

It also features universal voltage and USB charging, which helps in charging it anywhere around the world.

To enable better cleansing  of teeth, the T.brush uses oscillate-and-rotate technology. The 9000-RPM motor is claimed to be quite powerful and said to provide solid brushing experience.

It has other interesting  features like a 2-minute timer, a floss head attachment, multiple cleaning modes, and pressure control.

The T.brush is currently getting pledges on Kickstarter, and soliciting £175,000 (about US$274,660) for mass production  of the new electric toothbrush.

The cool toothbrush is expected  to be available in December 2015, if everything goes according to plans.