Facebook introduces Free-to-download Ads Manager app for iOS.

Published on March 10, 2015 22:47:47 PM
To control the advertisements which have been posted on Facebook, it introduced an app by the massive response from users. The ads which you post on Facebook will be managed by this app and you can download it for free.

Facebook got a huge cheering from the initiative around the world. It's an easy way that has Facebook tools,which are presented in desktop version to latest smartphone apps. The consumers are changing to mobiles inorder to contact customers and control their business easily.

Advertisement performance, editing the existing ads, receiving push notifications and creating new ads can also be made by the advertisers with this app.

Facebook is going to release this app globally soon. For iOS devices this app is available right now. Facebook stated that it will unveil this app later this year for the Android platform.

A Thank You note posted by Facebook on its website mentions how it has helped some of the startups to prosper. It added that Facebook's mission is to create a better connected world by helping people connect with businesses. It states, its advertising partners are now 2 million all over the world.