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Samajwadi Party launches mobile app

Published by Metro India News Online on August 14, 2015 12:20:20 PM

Samajwadi Party has come up with a new mobile application for publicity and public discourse.

The chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Akliesh Yadav has launched the application on Thursday.

Social media is an effective way to reach a person that is playing a vital role in modern world.

The party wanted to make use of the modern technology to spread their views among the people and hence made the application.

The application is available on three platforms iOS, Android and Windows which can be downloaded from the party’s official website.

The minister said that the app would be friendly to both urban and rural areas and can be used to gather information regarding various government policies, projects and programmes.

The app would also help the party to get feedback from the people about the works being done by the government.

The app includes news items, press releases and audio-visual  clippings.