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36 India based Startups Featured at Indo-US Konnect

Published by Pranitha Adithya Kashyap on September 29, 2015 14:55:55 PM

Nasscom in association with TIE Silicon Valley and IIM Ahmedabad’s CIIE has finalized 36 startups from India and five Startups from US at Startup Konnect held on Sunday.

The startups are selected based on various sectors such as Agriculture, Healthcare, Energy, Financial inclusion and Cleantech.

To strengthen the India-US partnership a number of MOUs were signed at the event to boost technology, innovation and startups. These startups were shortlisted through a nationwide selection process for companies which were building products for social welfare. This is the list of startups exhibited at the Indo America Konnect event.

Surya Power Magic

A Coimbatore based cleantech startup that offers solar irrigation solutions to farmers in power deficit regions.

Promethean Power Systems

It is a Pune based startup which offers refrigeration for off grid and partially electrified areas. Till date, Promethean Power Systems has installed over 100 milk chilling system in rural India.

Aakar Innovations

Aakar is a hybrid social enterprise comprises of Aakar Innovations and Aakar Social Ventures. The Mumbai based startup enables women to produce and distribute affordable, high-quality, 100 per cent compostable sanitary napkins within their communities. They simultaneously create awareness and sensitization of menstrual hygiene management.


A Mumbai based cleantech startup that manufactures and installs geo thermal cooling systems. Green India Building Systems and Services (GIBSS) had commissioned over 250 systems in commercial and industrial facilities in the country.


Greenway is a Mumbai based startup which aims to provide home energy appliances for rural consumers. It manufactures appliances such as biomass stoves which are ecofriendly and designed for long-term use.

Sickle Innovations

Sickle Innovations is an Ahmedabad based startup that focuses on enhancing conventional farming practices via design intervention. It had designed a hand held cotton harvesting machine.

Gram Power

Jaipur based Gram Power produces smart meters and off grid electricity solutions. The smart meter allows prepaid selling of electricity. The smart micro grid offered by the firm provides power to remote villages at less than 30 per cent cost of grid extension. Currently the firm has its presence in 19 villages across the country.

Mother Diagnostic Systems

Mother Diagnostic Systems Private Limited is a Bengaluru based startup that manufactures medical appliances and instruments for measuring, checking, testing, navigating and other purposes except optical instruments and supplies them to rural India.

Mukunda Foods

This Bengaluru based startup Mukunda Foods firm designs and develops automated food equipment to use in the Indian food retail segment. The firm is designing a DosaMatic which is a first fully automatic Dosa making machine.

Leaf Innovation

Leaf innovation is startup based on wearable technology which retails a product called Safer. The Delhi based firm claims that this product would help wearer to alert others in case of emergency.


Inventrum is a Goa based startup which had created its flagship product NetPlug, an ioT device which lets users to control their devices through mobile apps, Facebook and Twitter.

Innoflaps Remedy

Delhi based startup Innoflaps Remedy focuses on production of speech products based on R&D; from speech therapy by professional and Engineers. The flagship products include SpeakFluent, Speechifi, Speechifi Group Therapy Solution.


BleeTech had developed a cross platform haptic wearable device that converts music into regular ticks and vibrations at a selected rate. The flagship product of Pune based startup can be utilized to time and synchronize music and dance.

Sattva MedTech

Sattva MedTech is a Bengaluru based startup that aims to provide foetal health monitoring device which is made of advanced sensors to monitor and acquire statistical data of the foetus and mother.

Eko India Financial Services

Gurgaon based startup Eko India Financial services enables branchless mobile banking via smart phone. It uses two factor authentications to complete the transaction and has built a transaction platform called SimpliBank used by its partners. The firm has got franchises at Lucknow and Hyderabad.

Forus Health

Forus Health, a Benagluru based startup which specializes in ophthalmic technology has designed a Snethra which is an affordable and portable eye screening device.

Achira Labs

Bengaluru based Achira labs has built a proprietary lab-on-chip platform that delivers affordable medical testing for patients.

Pradin Technologies

Pradin Technologies is a Bengaluru based startup that focuses to provide innovative solutions for healthcare, green power and lighting in non-electrified areas across the country.

Tap to Learn

Pune based Tap to learn is an edtech startup passed out of the Y Combinator Program which has designed a wide range of game based applications for children.

Curadev Pharma

Curadev Pharma is a Delhi based startup founded by a team of professional from biotech and pharmaceutical sectors with an objective to accelerate the discovery and delivery of new drugs.

Consure Medical

Delhi based Consure Medical has designed an affordable product for fecal incontinence which affects more than 16 million people in India. The flagship product Qora stool management kits are used in hospitals for bedridden patients.

Sohum Innovation Lab

Sohum Innovation lab is Bengaluru based startup that has developed a mass screening, non-invasive device to screen newborns for hearing loss in global resource poor settings to prevent speech loss.

Prakash Labs

US based Prakash labs is a research group that designs and develops affordable instruments which are utilized for screening and scientific research.


NextGen is Bengaluru based startup which has come up with P3, which is an online platform for companies to track, monitor, evaluate and report regarding the CSR and sustainability performance.

Boond Engineering and Development

Boond Engineering and Development is a social enterprise that promotes alternative energy in various places of northern India. The firm is part of CIIE at IIM-Ahmedabad.

Ready Bytes Software Labs

Ready Bytes Software Labs is a Rajasthan based startup which aims to provide Open Source content management systems and e-commerce solutions.

Barrix Agro Sciences

Bengaluru based Barrix Agro Sciences focuses on the development of pest management products and markets indigenous pheromone based traps under a brand name Barrix Catch essentially for fruit fly traps.


SocialCops, a Delhi based startup helps to bridge the information gap among the communities to resolve issues such as health, education and civic. It provides a mobile based tool for collecting data from people.

Navya Biologicals

Karnataka based startup Navya Biologicals has come up with affordable technological platforms YeXtreme & ItensiMAb which produces high quality bio-pharmaceuticals.  

Team Indus

Team Indus is a Bengaluru based startup which has won Google Lunar X Prize team and is an only Indian entry which has got $1 million prize for developing a robot that can land on moon and travel about 500 metres on its surface and send data back to earth.  


US based startup khethworks builds a solar powered irrigation system which enable farmers to farm through all three seasons.


EdoBLAC is a US based research project which aims to recycle industrial waste into construction material as a replacement of a brick.


Aquastech, US based startup that provides water treatment technologies which helps to remove chemical contamination from water.

POC Medical Systems

POC medical systems is a US based startup that has been found by biomedical and technology professionals that focuses on protected point of care testing product for screening breast cancer.


US based Biotech startup SenesTech specializes in reproductive physiology, utilizing its technology to control rats and mice in rural, and urban areas.