New App HHM to ensure healthy heart

Published on March 30, 2015 15:42:42 PM


Heart Health Meter (HHM) is a mobile application, using which health status of heart could be monitored at any time of the day by calculating risks. It also provides recommendations on how to avert heart ailments in future. 

The app was created by a team of doctors with the help of IT experts and was launched at Madhavbaug - organisation of multidisciplinary cardiac care clinics and hospitals - on its 50th anniversary, in suburban Thane near Mumbai.

Explaining the features of the App, Rohit Sane, trustee and MD of Vaidya Sane Trust said, "One can know the current health status of the heart with HHM.”

"With increasing age, conditions like diabetes, excess weight, smoking, high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels damage our blood vessels and the heart, increasing our risk of getting a heart attack," he said.

The heart health meter calculates the risk and provides you tips and recommendations on how to reduce or manage the risk.

"Taking treatment early for these risk factors reduces chances of developing a major heart condition and getting a heart attack. The HHM can be downloaded and heart health calculated easily with it," Sane said.

The app was released in the presence of Thane Mayor Sanjay More, Shiv Sena MPs Rajan Vichare (Thane) and Shrikant Shinde (Kalyan), Kuldip Rai Kohli, Director, Department of AYUSH, Maharashtra, and medical experts.

The application was developed after research, taking inputs from patients, doctors, medical consultants and has been successfully tested on the hospitals’ web portal. The application is available on Google Play store and free to download. It will be soon available for windows and I-phone users.

"Our aim was to make this utility available to masses. The app was developed keeping in mind that nowadays mobile technology is becoming the most popular, powerful and suitable medium to reach people," Sane said. 

"It will help in raising awareness among people about heart diseases, as knowing your heart's health is the first step towards taking care of this vital body organ.” Sane added. 

Madhavbaug is an ISO certified private cardiac rehab centre (hospital), having branches across Maharashtra, that treats heart disease using Ayurveda.