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Google's launches new Women Techmakers Programme

Published by Metro India News Online on August 06, 2015 14:08:08 PM

The search giant Google joined hands with Startup Village on Thursday to launch “Women Techmakers (WTM)”. It is a global programme that brands for women in Technology.

WTM is a platform for young women entrepreneurs to connect, inspire and encourage. The programme was inaugurated by MLAs Hibi Eden, K S Sabarinath and Shafi Parambil.

One of the MLAs had given presentation on Technology for social development and said that there exists a wide gap in people who use technology and who do not use.

People have to use the current technology and reap benefits out of it, he added.

Another MLA said that entrepreneurship is nothing but bringing ideas to reality.

Women play a vital role in society and people have to encourage women in taking entrepreneurship and transform their ideas into business ventures.

WTM marks to be perfect platform for women to embrace technology and achieve their aspirations.

Women have to change their mind set come out of the shell and be a part of booming technology ecosystem.

"Our aim is to promote gender equality to women in technology entrepreneurship. The programme is aimed at giving more confidence and exposure to young women entrepreneurs and students through Google programmes," Vijayakumar, Startup Village Chairman said.