Telugu association Netherlands (TANE)

Published on March 09, 2015 05:30:30 AM

Telugu association Netherlands (TANE)is a non-profit organization devoted to the awareness and promotion of Telugu Heritage and Culture in the Netherlands.


The main inspiration of forming this association is to establish & promote Telugu cultural identity through various events,activities and entertainment.


TANE assist in integrating with Dutch society and provide basic information like jobs, education, languages, culture etc for the new comers and those who have been living in Netherlands.


Though the association is registered for the benefits of Telugu speaking people in Netherlands, it also lends its hand to provide the same benefits to all Indians in Netherlands. It raise charities by concerning various purposes for the social cause.


As a part of Telugu culture promotion, TANE organises several event around the year composing of Ugadhi, Diwali, Outdoor Cricket and Monthly Vishnu sahasranama and also involved in various community events.