PV Rao new principal of Warangal KITS

Published by Metro India News on July 18, 2016 00:28:31 AM

The Mechanical Engineering Department (MED) Professor P Venkateshwara Rao has been appointed as principal of Kakatiya Institute of Technology & Science (KITS), Warangal. 

Venkateswara Rao had joined as lecturer in the department of MED in 1986 at KITS, Warangal. Prof Rao did his B.Tech and M.Tech at NIT Bhopal in mechanical engineering. He was awarded Ph.D. in Bio-diesel from Andhra University.

He has been working as professor for the last six years in the department of Mechanical Engineering. He has had served as Head of MED for the period of 5 years before becoming chairman of library committee and chairman of ISTE KITS chapter.