70 children rescued

Published by Metro India News on July 24, 2016 00:50:52 AM

As many as 70 children in the age group of 6-13 are rescued on Saturday while they were being shifted from West Bengal to Secundrabad in East Coast Express.

Human trafficking

On a tip off, the GRP, RPF and local police personnel intercepted the train at the Wrangal railway station. Anti-human trafficking Inspector D Srilakshmi said all the 70 minors travelling without authentication letters and parents’ documents and hence they have been rescued and handed over to the Child Welfare Committee (CWC) authorities. The eight persons escorting the children have also no valid documents from their Madarsa’s, she said.

All the minor children are said to be from various villages of Purnia district in Bihar State and they were being shifted suspiciously to Secundrabad. Rabbani and Md Kohil have brought 20 children, Rahil Islam has 24, Tabrish Alum, Shabbas Rahi, Azeera Aslam and Jahuralam have 20 from Purnia district. Md Musheebar from Jharkhand and Mawood Aziz of Bihar were shifting five children, saying that they were being shifted for education purpose at Madarsa in Secundrabad.

The officials said “the persons who are escorting the children have no valid documents, all the minors were in CWC custody. We are enquiring with the Bihar and West Bengal police and trying to get the details of their parents. After verifying the documents and authentication letters as per government’s procedure, the CWC will hand over the children to their parents. All the seventy children were in the age group of 6-13 years. Two among the escorts were said to be the students and they were going to work in Nizamabad and Secundrabad.