'Kriya saves me from emotional garbage'

Published by Metro India News on May 01, 2016 00:01:01 AM
'Kriya saves me from emotional garbage'

When did you get associated with the Art of Living and how?

In Nov 2006, Gurgaon, Haryana. It was my first corporate job. I was so workaholic and had not taken a break since long; so my boss came, who was more than a friend - ordered me!! Just go and attend the corporate Art of living workshop. I attended it and really liked as it was something different – spiritual concept – how to live the life!! Since then gradually I was completely into this. This is how I get associated with the Art of Living.

What are the benefits you feel for yourself?

I have experienced benefits at several aspects – mental, physical and emotional levels. Soon after this course in few days – I found myself very centered, calm and composed, responding effectively to different circumstances and also handling people of different mindsets. Over a period of time, this has further helped me to maintain very good work-life balance and improved relationships in my family. It has also helped me to connect well with my profession and passion. It has empowered me to take care of the people and nature in a better way.

How is it helping you in profession ?

As quoted by SriSri - Clarity in mind, purity of heart and sincerity in action. This has embedded in my DNA and taken a real ‘U’ turn in my life. I am working with an MNC company and have to deal with people of different cultures and diverse background on a daily basis. This has helped me for effective collaboration, listening and understanding them. I have become more extrovert and receptive to my peer’s feedback. My colleagues are experiencing ease to work with me on the different projects. It has value added both into my professional and personal growth, leading to the quality output in my work.

Which aspect of the AoL do you like and want to implement in life?

The aspect of ‘mental hygiene’ I liked the most.

Let’s take a flash back to our childhood days! We have been always taught about physical strength and growth, hygiene and several other aspects of curriculum and social life. However, we have never been taught about mental hygiene i.e. how to take care and handle our mind/thoughts and emotions, especially when circumstances are not favorable. While walking on this path, doing Sudarshan kriya, meditation, and reading spiritual knowledge books, it has helped me to take care of mental hygiene. ‘Come what may’, I will never miss my daily yoga and pranayama, Sudarshan Kriya and meditation as it helps me to take care of my daily activities effectively and saves me from emotional garbage.

How would it benefit the Youth?

Spiritual practices (such as Sudarshan Kriya and meditation) certainly are a need of an hour for everyone. This is very important and much needed in today’s world and addressing right at the youth age will help them for their holistic development and growth and channelising their energy to become a global citizen and future leaders. The world is surrounded by so many negative influential factors and the youth gets easily carried over these events. Spiritual knowledge and practice will give them clarity in mind, positive perspective and reduce the indifferences that exist in society. This will help them to be more inclusive to work with the diverse background people more effectively and can create a harmony, peace and feeling of brotherhood in the society. This creates a positive vibe in their attitude and surrounding.

Romil Shah

Global Risk Management Plan Manager, Novartis Pharma