Opportunities to arise for engineering students

Published by Metro India News Online on May 30, 2016 18:35:22 PM

In Telangana many college have reportedly been noticing that there are a number of college seats in engineering that are going vacant and unfilled. This has led to a lot major losses in different colleges of the state.

They have therefor come up with the idea of opening the college gates to different states students who are eligible and interested in engineering. The main focus would be UP, Bihar and Orissa as these states have a few engineering colleges. However the government has not yet responded to these ideas.

Some colleges even plan going international by looking out to open their gates for students from Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka and Africa. If this proposal is given a “Go” sign by the state government it would be both helpful for the child and the college. As the child will receive proper education in the college to which they do not have access to in their own hometowns and it will be a good financial uplifment for the colleges.

States like Tamilnadu and Karnataka have already introduced and started abiding by this model.