#I Am TEAM INDIA: Rio Olympics 2016

Published by Metro India News Online on May 16, 2016 17:16:22 PM
Saina Nehwal

The excitement is at peaks as the Rio Olympics 2016 is all set to get a kick start in August 2016. The Indian contingent has been working really hard to keep up their good sporting spirits and bring home as many medals as they can. Former World No. 1 badminton player Saina Nehwal is one of them trying to have a déjà vu of the 2012 London Olympics.

In our cricket crazy nation, others sports are slightly left behind and ignored. Hence, one of the best individual sports players in India, Nehwal has been doing a lot of campaigning regarding this discrimination on her social media website for an equivalent support. As many players have agreed that India is suffering from ‘cricket phobia’, Nehwal puts forward a very strong message through a silent posted by ‘Voice of Ram’ on the same note.

In the video, Saina is seen delivering her strong willed messages through placards. She promotes the theme of the video that many players have made many sacrifices to make it to such prestigious positions. They are the people who respect each other irrespective of their belongingness to different places and that they have learnt to accept the simple rule of life that, “Hard work can be kind and luck can be cruel”.

These strong messages are definitely a big action for gaining motivation before the commencement of the Rio Olympics 2016. There is no lack of talent in our nation. It’s just that the amount of funds, support and motivation required to win those medals is not enough to push our players towards the win. India is set to send its largest ever delegation in the history of the Olympic Games with 90 athletes having already qualified and ready to go.

Here’s wishing Saina Nehwal and the entire Indian team for bringing in more feathers for our nations proud cap as we are Team India.