Pellichupulu Review

Published by Metro India News on July 30, 2016 00:16:27 AM

Pellichupulu is based on the true story of a couple, who got married after the magic happened between them during their food truck business. Director Tharun Bhascker carried his magic from the web onto the silver screen successfully.

The movie begins with unfolding the characters beautifully. Prashanth (Vijay Devarakonda) an unemployed graduate wishes to become a chef, but is often scold by his father for his petty mistakes and careless attitude. Prashanth’s father approaches an astrologer who tells that Prashanth will settle down only after his marriage.

So Prashanth’s father starts searching for his son’s match. Chitra (Ritu Varma) a girl with independent thoughts, dreams of studying abroad. Her father tries to lock her up with a condition to earn money by her own effort, for her studies, as his interest lies in getting his daughter married. In this scenario, Prashanth and Chitra meet each other as a part of a marriage proposal by their parents.

The main twist comes at the interval, which should be watched on the screen. The second half slows down a bit, but will entertain with Priya Darsi’s comedy at instances. Scene between Prashanth and Chitra’s father will provoke a thought in every father with a daughter in late 20’s. The pre-climax involves emotional touch and ends with no boring drama, which makes this flick a different one.

Ritu Varma and Vijay Devarakanda lived the roles and the chemistry between them worked out well. Priya Darsi, played the hero’s buddy. This man will receive more compliments than the entire casting of the movie. It becomes difficult for audience to sit steadily during his scenes.

His dialogs in Telangana dialect will be remembered as his mark. Anish kuruvilla played smoothly as a rich father, while all others played their role to the mark.

It should be agreed that Nandu played the best role in his career. His new makeover worked out well and added more manliness to his look. The charishma of cinematography by Nagesh Banell leaves a pleasant feel on the audience. Music by Vivek Sagar and Tape Loop duo got a fresh feel. All the songs run in the background, which adds more beauty to the play.

The magic of Tharun Bhascker’s work mainly reflects in the play, which is fresh and new for the audience. On the whole, the movie will be like a fresh and hot coffee that energizes you with a pleasant feel. So, Pellichupulu should be on the must watch list for this weekend.