Fashion on court...

Published by Metro India News on June 30, 2016 00:07:13 AM

With Wimbledon under way, women’s tennis fashion in particular is having its moment.

The bliss of watching those sassy tennis players sweating and playing on those clay courts are just the ‘awe-moments’ for which people wait to see Wimbledon happen. Of course, people egg on their favourite player and watch the game with deep interest too. Yet, who would feel like ignoring the style show happening on courts.

So, let’s see who are those women who have changed the definition of tennis fashion.

Sania Mirza

Just being fashionable on photo shoots and the wearing nice clothes while walking on the ramps is not what our Telangana State’s Brand Ambassador, Sania Mirza does. For her something has to have an upper cut over the others, let it be her skills or clothes. ‘Killing it with simplicity’ is what Sania has done an expertise in as she sweeps all those eyes hungry for a beautiful match just by wearing an all-black combination of jersey and shorts. Her fairly bright skin tone as compared to the her fellow play mates also supports her urge of wearing glamorous outfits on the court which makes her a good enough candidate to enter the list of people who changed tennis fashion.

Serena Williams

Serena Williams also redefined what a tennis player should look like with an array of eye-catching outfits and a forward thinking approach to the court style. Her enigmatic body type and her fitness freak personality are what make all her look like that they were just meant to be hers. She has become a modern icon as a two-time vogue cover girl and more recently featured in Beyoncé’s video for Sorry. Her way of thinking and dressing in the play arena has blew many minds. From leopard prints to stripped shorts and from plain white skirts to colourful layered dresses, the style icon in her doesn’t like to rest for a single match. Serena has changed the way present day tennis players are viewed, making the sport more inclusive, accessible and fashionable to the younger generation.

Maria Sharapova

Maria Sharapova has arguably set the tone for modern tennis fashion. Her utmost perfect figure and unique style sense are what make her one of the hottest on top tennis’ chart. Just modifying her favourite party type LBD a little, she literally stole the limelight with real perfection. Wearing a tennis version of the Little Black Dress, Maria confirmed that you could have both function and fashion on the court. Staying fashionable not just off the court but also on the court is very important to boost up your self-confidence a little more than what it already is as you know that you look just next to perfect.

Caroline Wozniacki

Caroline Wozniacki is not just the cover girl for Rolex, but also a great tennis player. The first woman from a Scandinavian country to have ever been listed on a top rank in tennis does not only play a crystal clear game but also has good clarity about what to wear and how to carry herself on and off court. Wozniacki’s playing style centres around “the defensive aspects of tennis with her anticipation, movement, agility, footwork and speed are key parts of her game”. And when so much is going on in her game then her wearable should also have a perfect wedding with it, right! But all said and done, her one look that went people swoon for her surely has to be the blue layered Adidas tennis pro-dress which made her look absolutely stunning and entirely amazing.

Neha Uberoi

Neha Uberoi is a former top professional tennis player, Indian-American role model and respected wellness authority. As a former world-class athlete, she is known for her physique and healthy lifestyle. But being fit is just not enough unless and until you dress yourself accordingly. Neha with her aesthetic Asian looks and American fashion sense becomes the cool trend-setter of courts. The best example for understanding her sporting style and street sense lies in the kind of clothes she wears in her training sessions which are undoubtedly one of the best ones on board.

Tennis fashion has come a long way. One is no longer resigned to head to toe tennis whites. Whether you play tennis or not, you can still add some tennis chic to your wardrobe. So get ready for some Wimbledon showdown soon coming your way.

- Compiled by Anushka Deepak