'Helped me to shed inhibitions'

Published by Metro India News on May 08, 2016 00:09:09 AM

When did you get associated with the Art of Living and how?

I got associated with Art of Living during the year 2001. My health was not keeping well and my first start-up was also not stable. I was stressed out completely. I was referred to AOL by one of my friends. I attended the intro session and was keen to give it a try. At that time, I did not expect that this would be a life-changer for me.

What are the benefits you feel for yourself?

It made me more disciplined. Regular practice of Sudarshan Kriya helped me in improved health and confidence. It helped me build harmonious relationship within and outside my family. I was introduced to the new world -The Art of Living Family.

How is it helping you in your profession ?

After the Happiness Programme, I completed the Advance Course and Divya Samaj Ka Nirman course. These courses changed the way I look at life and face challenges. It helped me identify my comfort zone and come out of it. I was ready to take measured risks and face challenges with confidence. My hea- lth too improved. And, because of the regular sadhana and meditation, I am able to cope with the stress easily. Now I do not say “Why me” but, say “Try me”.

Which aspect of the AoL do you like and want to implement in life?

Every course at Art of Living is different. One needs to experience and do the courses and follow the principles of life learnt there. Guruji has condensed the entire knowledge in simple and easy points in these different courses at AOL. I would say the Divaya Samaj Ka Nirman course empowered me to break through personal inhibitions and barriers. It also helped me to be more stable and I feel that nothing can shake me now.

How would it benefit the youth?

The present generation is undergoing through lot of stress – peer pressure, exams, entrance exams… The youth is deviating away from the actual path and gets pulled towards bad habits. These courses will really help the youth to be strong mentally and enjoy life. It builds focus and helps them to be stable. Unless the mind is focused and stable, no goal can be achieved.

(With extensive background and experience in startups, Aashish has constantly played an instrumental role in founding as well as managing the operations in startups and organisations. As early as 1999, in the days when internet was still a fancy in India, he was recognized and credited with being the first to attempt to bridge the online and offline worlds with a loyalty card. Aashish is always open to helping young executives and entrepreneurs to identify their core strengths and align them to growth opportunities.)

- Aashish Malve

Founding Director

Angaros Management Company