Hanmakonda highlights

Published by Metro India News on September 18, 2016 00:39:32 AM

The Saturday's public meeting of the BJP in Hanmakonda has seen an unsung hero of the party on the dais.

The BJP rose to power from the representation of only two MPs in the Lok Sabha once. Apart from former prime minister Atal Behari Vajpayee, it is none other than Janga Reddy who represented Hanmakonda Lok Sabha seat in that House and he had the rare opportunity to sit along with Vajpayee in the Lower House then. This great leader is seen on the dais again on Saturday after a long time and he is also given an opportunity to address the gathering.

Befitting to his experience, he spoke about the armed struggle, the so-called police action and the merciless killing of innocent villagers of Bairanpalli and other areas in Warangal district.

Union Ministers Hansraj Gangaram, Dattatreya, senior BJP leaders N Indrasena Reddy, Ramachandra Rao, were among those participated in the meeting, The meeting was presided by senior local leader Dharma Rao.

BJP Legislature Party (BJLP) Floor Leader G Kishan KCR to decide whether he wants the Majlis party or the people of Telangana to continue in power. Kishan Reddy asked KCR as to why he is succumbing to the pressures of Majlis, who are the descendants of the cruel Razakars.

BJP national general secretary Muralidhar Rao thanked people soil for gathering for the historic event of celebrating the Liberation Day. "From this land we are making a beginning to lay the foundation for bringing the BJP to power," he said. When Karnataka and Maharashtra are holding official functions what prevented KCR from organising them, he asked and said that the BJP will no longer allow this.

BJP TS President K Laxman came down heavily on the TRS Government in the State for not celebrating the Liberation Day officially and said that the issue is now acquired national importance. Laxman said that this land was freed from the crooked rule of Nizam after a prolonged battle and after several people laid down their valuable lives during the movement. "What is preventing Chief Minister to celebrate this day to pay homage to the martyrs," he asked.