Sunrisers Hyderabad take Hyderabadis head-on

Published by Metro India News on May 02, 2016 00:11:49 AM

Hyderabadis were provided with an opportunity to bowl to three of their favourite cricketers from Sunrisers Hyderabad team at the Kingfisher Bowl Out Season 5, here at Inorbit Mall on Sunday by Kingfisher Premium – The King of Good Times. Cricketers Ben Cutting, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Ashish Reddy and Bariender Singh Sran displayed their batting technique as the cricket fans brought forward their best bowling skills in an attempt to get the former out.

Each contestant was made to bowl 3 deliveries to their favourite cricketers in Inorbit Mall amid huge cheering. The Good times did not just stop there, as the finalists of the Kingfisher Bowl Out also experienced an initiative like never before, with ‘Kingfisher Super Chaser’, a digital cricket game powered by the Oculus rift.

Commenting on the occasion, Samar Singh Sheikhawat, senior vice president - marketing, United Breweries Limited said, “The concept of Kingfisher Bowl Out is created to provide our consumers with a highly engaging experience, which allows them to go head-on with iconic players.”