'Majnu' lacks Nani brand

Published by Metro India News on September 24, 2016 00:08:35 AM
'Majnu' lacks Nani brand

Director: Virinchi Varma

Producer: P Kiran, Geetha Golla

Music Director: Gopi Sunder

Cast: Nani, Anu Emmanuel and Priya Shri

Rating: 3/5

Natural star Nani's 'Majnu' hit screens on Friday. Majnu is a romantic comedy-drama helmed by Uyyala Jampala fame VirinchiVarma. The story is about the romantic life of Aditya (Nani), an assistant director, with two women Kiran (Anu Emmanuel) and Suma (Priya Shri). He makes the two women fall in love with Aditya and the consequences should be watched on screen.

Nani should receive credits for the one man show. Throughout the film, only the lead characters appear on the screen, providing scope for them to give their best. Though it is a debut for Anu Emmanuel, she did justice to her role. Chemistry between the two women and Nani make you feel fresh and is big asset to the movie. Vennela Kishore, Posani Krishna Murali and Satya Akkala also did good performance and added the comedy asset to the flick. Giri's role did not give major scope for his performance.

Majnu can be classified into a class movie with entertaining elements of romance, music, comedy, twists and turns.The first half of the movie keeps audience engaged with the picturisation, exotic locales, comedy scenes and punch lines. The second half kicks off with slow pace and is filled with emotional scenes. Of course the comedy scenes entertain you at times; it is not as impressive as the first half. The pre-climax leaves audience in a surprise with a young hero in guest appearance and the climax is fun filled. Virinchi Varma did justice to a routine story through screenplay, comedy and punch lines. The high production quality is reflected in every scene. Gopi Sunder's music and Gnanasekar's cinematography add beauty to the screen and can be named among the highlights. Though the songs do not make audience tap their feet in the first go, they are soft and feel good when watched with the play. Gnanasekar's camera work unveiled the beauty of Bheemavaram. On the whole Majnu carried freshness in screenplay and is fun filled. But it should be agreed that Nani this time came with a mediocre story. Of course, audience who want a weekend relief and likes fresh comedy and romance, should place Majnu on must watch list.

- Sindhur Gollanapalli