Do things happens as we think?

Published by Metro India News on July 10, 2016 00:14:27 AM

If you see it in your mind, you are holding it in your hand

-Bob Proctor

Points to remember

1.Display a more positive emotional and mental attitude toward yourself, other people and situations.

2.Refuse to participate in negative inner dialogues. It's just a waste of time and energy.

3.Don't allow disappointments, difficulties and obstacles affect your moods and state of mind.

4.Refuse and reject negative thinking. Either replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts, or engage yourself in some activity that will divert your attention from the negative thoughts.

5.Say positive things about yourself and about other people.

6.Compliment people when you feel they deserve it.

7.Have faith in yourself and in your abilities.

8.Read about people who overcame hardships and succeeded in life. This will help you think more positively.

The train from New Delhi to Hyderabad was running at a great speed. An old man on the train was suffering with incessant cough. The young man on the upper berth was feeling irritated by the cough. The coughing fits increased. The young man lost his temper. He got down from the upper berth and said to the old man, “Grand pa, take this tablet. Your cough will be soothed.” In a few minutes that the old man took the tablet, his coughing stopped.

Morning the train reached Hyderabad. The old man asked the young man eagerly, “Please write down the name of the tablet you gave me last night. I will take it whenever I have such fits of cough.” Then the young man said “It’s not a tablet or any such thing. I just plucked out my shirt button and gave you.” This is called ‘Placebo Effect’. This phenomenon, beautifully explaining the relationship between the mind and the body, is one of the most important concepts in psychology.

The trust in the doctor’s reputation, some beliefs, and their effects belong to this category. Some people are irresistibly drawn to the aroma of Biryani. Others feel their stomach churning at the very sight of Biryani. These feelings depend on the person’s mental impressions developed in the environment. It is evident that the cause of several sensations in our body, is our mind. If you wish to be happy, you need to keep your thinking process positive, say psychologists.

An important aspect that has gained world-wide popularity in the recent times is the ‘Law of Attraction.’ Experts who believe in the Law of attraction have been revealing startling facts. They say the happenings in a person’s life are definitely dependent on the way the person thinks. Hence they say everyone should develop a positive outlook. The thinking of every person has a certain frequency.

They say the universe attracts whatever we think, and then returns the same thoughts. We can understand the concept in the following way. If you sit in a sofa in front of the television and press the buttons in the remote control, the channels change automatically. There is no need for us to know how the channels change. The waves transmitted by the satellite have a certain frequency.

Whether a scientist presses the buttons or they are pressed by a numskull, the channels change as per the buttons pressed. We cannot see the waves or their frequency. In a similar manner, according to experts, our thoughts also have a frequency and we receive waves from people who think in the same frequency as we do. There is truth in the argument that we are influenced by these waves.

People generally tend to believe things only when the fear of religion is instilled into them. Probably that is the reason our elders say about the Gods saying ‘Thadhastu’ (Amen - be it so). Since the Gods might say ‘Thadhasthu’ (be it so), elders say we shouldn’t talk about bad things or think in a negative manner. Let us discuss this’ Law of attraction’ in a logical manner.

There is the power of gravity in the universe. The power cannot be seen. But we can feel it practically. The renowned scientist Newton explained about gravity. Even before Newton explained, there was the power of gravity. If we go on digging the earth for hundreds of feet, looking for the source of gravity or why things are attracted to the earth, we can never find anything or any source of the power.

That is one of the secrets of nature. If we throw a ball hard at a wall it comes back on rebound. This also has been explained scientifically by Newton. In a similar manner every thought we make gets attracted by the universe and the same thought comes back to us, say experts on individual development. They call this process of significant phenomenon ‘Law of attraction’.

A book written on this theory created interest in a new dimension all through the world. An Australian writer Rhonda Byrne authored the book with the title ‘The Secret.’ Millions of people have read this book, worldwide. The author produced a documentary film on it which was received well. She believed that the information or the law was kept a secret.

Elders said ‘Life is an Echo’. If we go into a cave and shout ‘Hello’, the cave echoes back loudly, ‘Hello’. Are there any hidden audio systems in the cave? Not at all. There is an explanation for this in physics. This is also a secret of nature. Just as we believe the echo, it is said that our thoughts go out into the universe and come back to us more powerfully. There is no dearth of any kind of wealth in this universe. Like the proverbial ‘As you sow, so you reap’. If we think in a positive way, the law of attraction can create wonders, say experts.

The staunch believers of this Law of Attraction say scientists who have gained great reputation, like Einstein, Newton and Edison and the ones who became multi millionaires know about the law of attraction. They say the next generation forgot about it and it was a lost treasure. Even in the case of our aims this law is applicable, say the experts. The truth is that a common man thinks more about what he/she doesn’t want than what he/she wants.

That is the reason he remains a pessimist. `Small aim is a crime’ said Dr.Abdul Kalam. True! The average people set small aims. It is of course a crime. We see plenty of people with high aims and positive thinking achieving successes in life. There are many who call it by a sweet name-LUCK and they themselves prefer to remain just viewers. But those who know the power of mind, are aiming high and growing to great heights.

In the modern day, we see many people who have reached great heights. There are some who come from families where there are no literates, but grow up to become state-toppers and national-toppers. This is all due to their passion. Along with passion, they develop a positive outlook and confidently move forward towards their aim, to make it possible. ‘Thoughts become things’ said elders.

So true! If we strive with passion for the desired results, they will turn out to be true. Your life is a manifestation of your thoughts. It is estimated that man creates approximately sixty thousand thoughts per day. It is necessary to think how useful it would be if such a large number of thoughts turn positive. That is why psychologists advise us to devote sometime in the morning for visualizing good and positive statements, as an exercise.

These are called affirmations. “You are the designer of your destiny. You are the author, you write the story. The pen is in your hand and the outcome is whatever you choose.“ -Lisa Nicholus. You are the sculptor of your life. With immense trust, believe that you can reach your predetermined goals. The universe is like the ‘Kalpavruksha’(A tree that gifts whatever we desire), say the experts who believe in this law.

If you carry a spoon to the river you can carry back just a spoonful of water, and if you carry a bucket, you can bring back that bucketful of water. Similarly, we can gain positive vibes from the universe by positive frequency. That is the reason elders said, ‘Yadbhaavam thadbhavathi’(As you think, so will happen). If you study and appear for B.Tech exams, you will get a B.Tech degree, if you study B.Com and appear for B.Com exams, you will get a B.Com degree.

An audio cassette will play back whatever song you have recorded in it. Hence we need to believe that if we develop positive thinking, we will benefit positively, due to the ‘law of attraction.’ Just as the law of gravitation works all 24 hours, the law of attraction also works 24 hours. Whether we watch the Television or not, the waves keep being transmitted all the time. Hence we always need to make it a habit to keep our thinking positive.