'Be grateful for what you have'

Published by Metro India News on March 06, 2016 00:14:14 AM
'Be grateful for what you have'

When did you get associated with the Art of Living and how?

Before coming to AoL, I was attending to many spiritual masters like Satya sai baba, Shirdi sai etc. But I was not feeling complete; my mind was not fully convinced about the knowledge of myself. I was not finding peace within me; there was some lacking in my understanding.

Then in 2008, I happened to see a programme of the Art of Living on a TV channel. I wondered at Guruji’s extremely simple approach on the Advaita philosophy. It impressed me so much that soon I joined, along with my wife, the popular Art of Living Part-1 Programme. And that was an amazing programme, Guruji so beautifully guides you through the seven layers of existence, the way meditation is experienced. And my journey continued with many other courses until I became Art of Living teacher in 2010. With the master’s blessings I organise a regular Art of Living follow-up centre at Green park colony, Saroornagar.

What are the benefits you feel for yourself?

My diabetes came under complete control, blood pressure maintains normal. As Guruji says, both - a healthy body as well as a healthy mind – are important. Balancing them and nurturing them is the Art of Living.

How is it helping you in profession as a doctor?

I used to take 45 patients a day. And it was a tiring exercise. People used to comment, “he is a very good doctor, but with lot of anger.” Today I check up 90 patients a day, with my smile remaining till the last patient. That was a real wonder in my life. Now people say I have got a lot of patience (laugh).

There was an improvement in my family relations too. Even the most complex problems become simple when you take them with open mind. Being a Saakshi Bhoota helps a lot. My relatives now say “there is some glamour in your face, there is life in your smile.”

Which aspect of the AoL do you like and want to implement in life?

During the part-1 programme, Guruji prescribes five points. All the five points are important. But the two which helped in my life are (i) Opposite values are complimentary, and (ii) Accept people and situations as they are. All the knowledge is amazing, but these two elevated my life. The five knowledge points change the way you see and react for any situation and thus brings you to peace and happiness, which is your true nature…

How would it benefit the Youth?

For youth this is very important. Most of the strength of our country and the world is youth. Now we see, for simple things they commit suicide, or addict to alcohol, smoking, or get attracted to bad habits. AoL helps them to get over these tendencies. These happen just because the youth are ignorant about the facts of life. They are feeling proud of what they have. 75% of world’s population are deprived of food, shelter and clothing. If you have these three things you are already above 75% of the world. Be content with what you have and serve the under-privileged. Be grateful for what you have. Lack of a culture of gratitude is there. Youth do not realise the divinity within themselves, and AoL helps them recognise that. Then they become rock solid to face tough situations in life; easily come out of suicidal tendencies, drugs, alcohol etc and become ambassadors of change.

Dr Ch Madhusudhan


AoL Teacher, Hyderabad