Confused relationships

Published by Metro India News on October 03, 2016 00:18:16 AM
Confused relationships

I really like this guy and he really likes me and makes me so happy. But he doesn't want to talk to me anymore because he doesn't want to disappoint me. He told me he doesn't want a relationship, but he likes me and would get jealous if I liked someone else. I have fought for him so much and nowadays I feel like he doesn't care about me and he ignores me, but when I bring it up he just says I am being over dramatic and leaves the situation quickly.

I told I was done feeling like I was the only one who wanted this, but I miss him so much. Was I right to be done with him? Should I keep fighting for him? I wish he would fight for me for just once then I wouldn't be so unsure. Move on or fight for him? No do not fight, sadly, even with the genders equaling out in many different social aspects, there are some natural, biological processes you can't change.

If you have to chase a man, it's because he's running from you. This particular guy, sounds like a tug. Instead of giving you a subtle hint by ignoring messages or avoiding you, he's stringing you along so he gets an ego boost. Of course there are exceptions, but I don't think these sounds like one. He's not going to ask you out, no matter how awesome you are or how good you treat him, because you have proved to be someone he can treat how he pleases.

I am wondering if my crush is interested in me or if he is really shy. I managed to ask someone that is his classmate (I am friends with A, A is friends with B, B is my crush's classmate). I approached B and asked if my crush was attached or likes anyone, B's exact words were "he is communicating with a girl now, but he did not say he likes her". Now some of you may think that I should not have done certain things. I did indirectly let my crush know I was interested through B. B told him my name and brought me outside his class because my crush said he wanted to see who I was. When I went back outside his class w, his expression looked really shy and B told me once again that he is a shy guy. I received three different opinions about this situation from my friends. He is shy, not interested and simply hard to read.Confused relationships

Go over and say hello. Be friendly and pleasant. You don't need a script but if you want one, ask about pretty much anything which he has with him at the time. E. g. if it's a laptop, is he working on anything? Ask about music, student leader stuff? Just, you know, be nice and be on point. Screw trying to figure out whether he's shy, or interested at all. You're just saying hi to someone and striking up a conversation. Be the catalyst. Either you get somewhere, or you don't. Doing nothing gets you nowhere.