Focus on Sri Hari's form to purify mind

Published by Metro India News on September 29, 2016 00:05:05 AM

Concert for healing and meditation

Since several decades, Sri Swamiji has healed thousands of people through His expertise in the ancient of Raga Ragini Vidya, the art of healing through music. The concert in China, during the year of 2016, was preceded by two other healing concerts, one in Tokyo, Japan during April and another, Pavanaja Raga Sagara in July in Dallas, USA. Devotees eagerly look forward to these concerts as they get a taste of bliss during the healing music. People with ailments have reported significant improvement and attend these live concerts in addition to listening to the music regularly.

On September 24, Sri Swamiji's concert for music and meditation was on September 24, in Dalian, China. The program, held in the iconic and futuristic concert hall in the Dalian International Convention Center was publicised widely and drew a large number of audience. Huge billboards announcing the concert of Pujya Sri Swamiji were in many main streets and squares of the city. The concept of music for healing and meditation, unknown to the Chinese, till date, was intriguing and exciting for them. Reciprocating their genuine interest in Sri Swamiji's music, Sri Swamiji treated them to a scintillating and soothing session of healing.

Devotees across the globe, who enjoyed this blissful music through live streaming and have experienced this divine music in scores of other concerts, remarked that this concert was indeed a special one! After many years, Sri Swamiji walked with the healing crystal among the audience during Tani Avartanam. Sri Swamiji went to the row where several autistic children were sitting and touched and blessed them. It is said that it is only true devotion and love of His devotees that the invincible Almighty succumbs. Along these lines, the genuine love of Chinese devotees earned Sri Swamiji's affection who blessed the riparian city of Dalian with a never-before-witnessed ocean of divine music.

Zhao Zheng, a well-known TV personality and Sri. Yong Lu, organiser of the event gave welcome speeches before the concert. Yogini Kaliji, the founder of Triyoga centre and Sri Swamiji's ardent devotee gave an introductory speech on Pujya Sri Swamiji and His music. Smt. Kiki, the hostess of the event and a teacher of TriYoga, translated the speeches. After the historic concert, Yong Lu & his wife Smt. Yo Li offered their respects to His Holiness thanking Him profusely for travelling thousands of miles to bless the Chinese devotees and honoured the Celestial music troupe, the accompaniments of Sri Swamiji.

International Yoga exposition in Dalian

In a historical event, Parama Pujya Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji visited the Republic of China for His first ever concert of music for healing and meditation in the country.

Sri Swamiji was received by the Chinese organisers of the visit who were eagerly looking forward to Sri Swamiji's participation in the second International Yoga Exposition and particularly, the music for healing and meditation. On September 23, Sri Swamiji, who is an expert of Datta Kriya Yoga and has been training thousands of devotees in this technique, gave a lecture on music and yoga to the participants of the event, demonstrating some simple but effective yogic exercises.

Datta Vijayananda Swamiji returns to ashram

After His thirteenth Chaturmasya Vrata Deeksha in Mysuru ashrama and culmination of this two-month observance by performing Seemollanghana in Mekedatu, Junior Seer of Avadhoota Datta Peetham, Pujya Sri Datta Vijayananda Teerth Swamiji, visited the holy shrine of Tirumala to offer prayers to Lord Venkateswara and returned to Mysuru ashrama. Resplendent with the return of Parama Pujya Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji and Pujya Sri Datta Vijayananda Teertha Swamiji, ashrama is gearing up for the upcoming exciting events. Beginning October 1, Sharannavaratri, as always, will be celebrated in full grandeur. Navavarana Puja during day time which begins with Kumari puja and concludes with a soothing lullaby to the Goddess, bhajan sessions during evenings by Sri Swamiji, various concerts performed by renowned artists and the large crowd of devotees make Navaratri a festival of great importance.

Texts on relationships

It is believed that holy Ramayana is an elaborate lesson on personal relationships, the Mahabharata is a guide to our relationships with people and the world in general and Bhagavatam is the text that teaches us the relationship with the Almighty, the most important and permanent relationship of an individual. Hence, there is no need to elaborate on the significance of this holy book.

During the past few months, Parama Pujya Sri Swamiji's discourses on Srimad Bhagavatam have been telecast every day on ETV. From these lectures, over 200 in number, the following is a section from the translation of Sri Swamiji's lecture published on the internet.

In this episode, Lord Rudra praises Lord Srihari. A beautiful description of the Lord's form is given. Swamiji says that devotees who are desirous of purifying their mind should eternally focus on this form.

Bhavān bhaktimatā labhyo durlabhaḥ sarva-dehinām

Svārājyasyāpy abhimata ekāntenātma-vid-gatiḥ

It is not possible for every living entity to reach You. Even Indra, the Lord of heaven, is desirous of obtaining You. Through obtaining absolute oneness with You, Self-realized persons alone reach You! You are obtained only by such steadfast devotees. Those who are totally inclined towards these worldly desires find it impossible to worship Srihari.

Even noble persons find it very difficult to develop firm steadfast devotion towards Him. Why will a person, who really serves You with total devotion, ever seek any external worldly pleasure? He will seek nothing except Your holy lotus feet!

O Lord, in the amount of time Yama, takes to blink his eyelids, You destroy the entire creation! Such is Your prowess! Even then You never show Your might against that ardent devotee, who has wholeheartedly surrendered to You.

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Compiled by - Nagini Nagamani