Right or wrong

Published by Metro India News on October 11, 2016 00:05:30 AM
Right or wrong

Basically, we started off as friends. We met each other at work then he moved abroad to work (he kind of moved a lot). We kept in touch as friends (long distance friendship). There was no confusion so far. But lately, he became flirtatious through texts and when he came to our country for visit, we hanged around a couple of times and each time it was his initiative. It is there when I got really confused because he was really caring, held my hand several times, complimented me a lot, brought me gifts, asked me tons of questions about myself and my plans and so on and so forth. But Last time, we were texting and teasing each other and I called him crazy. He texted back, something like ‘how come I walk out and befriend a crazy guy’. It is this word ‘befriend’ that got me so puzzled. Why did he use this word? I feel like I am just hurting myself because he might just be flirtatious without having further serious intentions.

First, you need to be clear with yourself before to be with other. What is your intention with him?
Then, if that looks like confused, yes you will be right to protect yourself and to know what happened and to understand what is his purpose. But, it is better if you do not come to conclusions without talking to him and raising your concerns.relationship

I’ve been in a relationship with a man for a year; we’re both in our 30’s. We have one issue that causes a lot of fights between us and he keeps acting like I’m the crazy one. My man is really good friends with his ex. I understand that I can’t tell him that he can’t talk to her but this friendship drives me crazy and he knows this. What’s most infuriating is he knows this but blows it off. As an adult I have to accept the fact he will have a relationship with her but I think this is too much. We are now ending our relationship because of this. He keeps telling me he’s never cheated on me and that I need to get confident in myself to believe that a man would never cheat on me. That I need to stop my investigations. I keep saying I don’t think he’s cheating on me but his actions are disrespectful to me and our relationship and that is not normal. I feel like my feelings aren't taken into consideration. If the roles were reversed I would want to make my man feel as comfortable as possible.

Sounds like the two of you aren't really a good match. You need different things than he has on offer and what matters is that the two of you are not in sync. There is no need for either of you to change for the other. You both need to accept who you are and move on to new, more appropriate partnerships.