Woman creates buzz in startup ecosystem

Published by Metro India News on October 11, 2016 00:06:48 AM

Women entrepreneurs are ruling the business world today. It is great that number of women taking this path is increasing at high pace. It would be interesting to know that Yamini Sadineni, a budding entrepreneur hailing from Guntur in Andhra Pradesh has created wonders with her new startup. Yamini who studied business management in the U S, headed back to her home town, hurt by the state bifurcation process. She started ‘Shreeyam’ a startup in IT infrastructure.

Shreeyam is a system integrator that provides end-to-end product and integration services of networking, CCTV surveillance, access entrance control and cloud services. Starting from a single room at the inception, Yamini had to face many hurdles to find new clients and market. The State bifurcation was a major obstacle to her, as the IT infra sector was yet to settle in the new State.

The 8 month old startup reported a huge Rs. 6 crore turnover in the budding stages itself. Now, Shreeyam is to take-up a project with a major power plant to provide networking services, laying fiber, biometric system installation and provide wireless network connections.