Noodles as bhog at Kaali temple in Kolkata

Published by Metro India News on October 10, 2016 00:07:22 AM
Mother Kaali temple

At a Mother Kaali temple in Kolkata, noodles, chop suey, rice and vegetable dishes adorn the feet of the goddess as the bhog. In Kolkata’s Tangra (Chinatown) area is located the 'Chinese Kali Temple' and it’s the best possible example of assimilation, unity and acceptance. The Chinese and Hindu neighbourhood here are barely seen mingling with each other on a regular basis, but come pujo, and there is an energy that surrounds the people of the place.


Even on a regular weekday, you can see Chinese residents take off their shoes and enter the temple to invoke the blessings of the goddess. The temple site is around 60-year-old and used to be a couple of sindoor smeared black stones under a tree. People living there used to worship the stones. After a while, the Chinese followed suit. They light tall candles on Kali puja night. Special Chinese incense sticks are also lighted and hence the aroma one gets at the temple is different from other temples or pandals. It is typically Chinese.