Premam Touchy love story

Published by Metro India News on October 08, 2016 00:09:53 AM
Premam Touchy love story


Director : ChandooMondeti

Producers : S. Naga Vamshi

Music Director : Gopi Sunder, Rajesh Murugesan

Rating: 3.5

Premam narrates the love life of Vikram (Naga Chaitanya) starting from his schooling. It is all about his love and women he comes across in different stages of his life. Who becomes Vikram’s girl forms the rest of the story. The flick should be watched on big screens to feel it to the most.

Premam is an official remake of Malayalam blockbuster Premam. But the makers have not at all tried to copy and paste the same here. ChandooMondeti made some changes to suit the taste of the local audience.

The movie has an interesting story and engaging narration and it is also high on romance and comedy.

The casting has been the biggest asset for the film. Naga Chaitanya should be appreciated for giving his best and it should be agreed that he carries the film on his shoulders.It would be really tough for anyone to go back in age and behave younger. Chai has come up with a mature performance. He speaks volumes through his eyes and gives out a realistic and convincing performance in the movie.

All the three girls in the film are gorgeous and share great chemistry with Chaitanya. Inspite of all these, some would feel that his performance in the love episode with Anupama is not up to the mark in some scenes. He looks very manly in the college episode making it difficult for girls to take eyes off him.

Anupama mesmerizes with her fresh expressions and cuteness. Though Sruthi Hassan‘s performance faced some criticism on social media post the promo launch, her episode on the screen leaves audience stunned. Her performance makes audience to overlook some mistakes in the episode. It should be pointed that Madonna Sebastian looked more gorgeous in the Telugu version compared to the Malayalam one.

Actors like Srinivas Reddy, Brahmaji, Praveen have got good roles and brought many laughs. Others have done what is required for the roles.

From the inception, the flick unveils grand technical and production values on the screen. Music, cinematography and screenplay should receive a special mention. Though ‘bang-bang’ is the only fresh tune for Telugu version, all the tunes are touchy and background score gives the film a very romantic mood.

Beautiful frames are the striking feature of Premam. Trivikram dialogues’magic for Nagarjuna’s narration added great charm and feel to the movie. On the whole, dialogues were of humour in many places and suit the present trend.

The negatives that should be spoken of are the slow narration, which bore some audience and editing could have been better. Another drawback is that it becomes tough for the audience above 35 years to feel the movie, while entire youth gets connected to the flick, easily. The director needs to be lauded for handling three love stories that too in a commericial way, without making us squirm in our seats.Premam is a must watch for every audience for this festive season. It is a feel good movie that one can watch along with family.

- Sindhur Gollanapalli