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Published by Metro India News on September 19, 2016 00:31:46 AM

With the regal history of Nizams ruling since the 17th century the beautiful and bustling city of Hyderabad has serval tourists spots within the folds of Hyderabad.There are numerous options to explore for the travel happy Hyderabadis who wish to head to the nearby distinctions during the weekends. From natural wonders like Belum caves and numerous waterfalls to religious places dedicated to divine beings, from architectural marvels of Badami to wildlife parks for spotting birds and animals, there is certainly no dearth of weekend getaways and hill stations around Hyderabad.


Named after the former Nizam of Hyderabad also known as Palamoor. This town is very well known for numerous religious and historic sites making it an ideal place for a weekend gateway the legendary source of Golconda diamonds and famous Kohinoor are from this region.

Attractions: The old banyan tree has been an tourist attraction for 700 years which is extensively spread across 3 acres , quite a few temples surround this area a which include Umamaheshwaram, Alampur, Jetaprolu and Srirangapur. In the heart of Nallamala forest region there a waterfall named Mallelatheertham it can be included in your trip to Mahabubnagar for a family picnic.

Distance: 134km

Best to Visit In: December to FebruaryRajamundry


A pilgrimage site with temples built on the banks of the river Godavari . This urban tourist spot is considered as the cultural capital of Andhra Pradesh since Telugu the state Language has been originated here.

Attractions: On the banks of the river Godavari there are long bridges , serval ghats and parks on its bank which are prime attractions. ISKCON temple, Markandeya temple and Kotilingeshwara temple are all sited on the river’s edge and can be visit during a day trip to the city.

Distance :399km

Best to Visit In:December and JanuaryMaredumlli Rampachodavaram

Maredumlli and Rampachodavaram

Both Maredumilli and Rampachodavaram are ideal places for a picnic as these places have waterfalls .These cascades brim with rain waters soon after monsoons and are located within forest areas, making it a pleasant outing to head to with friends and family. Attractions: Jalatarangini, Amrutdhara and Swarnadhara waterfalls near Maredumilli are quite popular attractions with groups of tourists. Rampa waterfalls and a Shiva temple nearby are the popular destinations in Rampachodavaram.

Distance :430km and 451 km

Best to Visit : After Monsoon

These places are ideal places for weekend gateways as they are loved by Hyderabadi Travelers , and ideal are for the ones who love long car drives .These places have good accommodation facilities at reasonable prices .

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